Bitcoin for Queens Planner

The Bitcoin for Queens

52 weeks undated hardback Planner

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  • Amazing to use as a Calendar or Journal
  • Monthly Intentions
  • Tell the Universe what you want. Get specific
  • Goals for the month
  • Weekly goals
  • Monthly review
  • Space to write down thoughts
  • A4 size with glossy pages and luxurious feel

Pamela Veldema

Brain therapist and Entrepreneur

Carolyn is a Bitcoin Queen with a gentle appearance and a pleasant warm voice.
What attracted me is that I don't need to start with € 1.000, but can invest a small amount which I can easily miss for the longer term.
Through all her experience, she takes you on a journey to financial independence. 

I just love using the Planner every day, its so beautiful and reminds me of my money goals and how to keep bringing in abundance every day.

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Bitcoin for Queens Planner
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