Have you wanted to get into Bitcoin but have never dared to jump because it feels like a jungle out there and it's too scary? 

Then stop searching. . .

I'm offering you the best solution there is out there, welcome to my 

Quick Start 1-2-1 call

Learn how, with my help, you can start investing safely in Bitcoin today and avoid making huge mistakes or stopping because it becomes too overwhelming.

Are you a female Entrepreneur longing for financial independence and freedom?

Then look no further!

I jumped into Bitcoin back in 2018 after I heard someone shout "buy the friggin' dip!" I've been grateful to that person ever since. I listened to him and from that moment on I did all of my own Bitcoin research. I'd heard about Bitcoin long before but had never dared to venture into it because it all seemed too complicated and very much a man's world. 

Now after years of doing all my own research and getting myself educated by the best, I'm now quite a Bitcoin expert with a mission to educate women and teach them how to become Bitcoin Queens. 

Why? Because women deserve to be financially independent. Women deserve to become financially literate. Women pretend they don't get it, but darling you do. If I get it, so will you. I was crap at math at one point but now I get it. Book that call and start investing today. You aren't too late. The train hasn't left the station.

Bitcoin has a fantastic track record of an average annual growth of 191% per year. xox

The Quick Start 1-2-1 Call

This is a private 1-to-1 call to get you set up with an Exchange platform of your choice so that you can make your first Bitcoin investment. 

The benefit is that you have me telling you exactly what to do so you won't need to worry about making mistakes.

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#1 It Saves you Precious Time 

Trying to figure it out all by yourself has proven to be a total time waster. These days time is precious. I help you save time by sitting with you and getting you started today. Pure Efficiency! 

#2 It's Quick

Because I'm the Expert I know exactly what steps you need to take and get you set up quickly in a safe way. I tell you what the most important steps are to get started. 

#3 It's Easy

Because I know my way around most Exchange platforms it all becomes very easy for you to follow. I point you in the right direction and you won't get lost.

#4 It's 100% Safe

I help you and give you instructions but you do it on our own laptop/desktop and I cannot see what information you are filling in. That is top secret and for your eyes only. Safety and security from my side is guaranteed. I value your privacy 100%

This is what other female leaders say about the Quick Start 1-2-1 Call

So far many female leaders have already benefited from the Quick Start 1-2-1 call. Below I've named a few who have jumped and done the call with me and now extremely happy they have Bitcoin in their investment portfolio.

Esther Jonker

Entrepreneur | Coach

" Carolyn guided me through the set up process step by step, making sure I chose the right exchange platform and got myself verified so I could immediately invest. I've gone down the rabbit hole."

Petra vd V


" With Carolyn's gentle and patient approach I was able to set up my first account, get verified and purchase my first Satoshis (BTC).Now I'm hooked and can do it all by myself."


Sabine Walter

Entrepreneur | Coach Human Design

" Without Carolyn's personal help and support I would never have dared to start investing in Bitcoin. She took me by the hand and made it easy. I'm extremely grateful to her."

What you get in the Quick Start 1-2-1 Call

Below a breakdown of what's included.

Help with choosing your Exchange Platform

Choosing the right Exchange Platform is very important. There are many dubious ones out there so you want to make sure it's a safe and secure one. 

I recommend only those I know which have a good reputation.

Help with setting up your account

After selecting your Exchange Platform and you are happy with it then we set up your account. I will never see any of your details, so this  is totally private to you. I just guide you through it in a safe way and I'm there to answer your questions. 

Support with the verifaction process

Most Exchange Platforms require you to verify yourself with your passort or drivers license. You will need to have a clear photo of your ID. Then you will need to walk through some steps and by doing these together with me it becomes less daunting. 

Assisting you with purchasing your 1st Bitcoin/Satoshis

Once you have been verified by the Exchange Platform you can then make your first small purchase of €50. After that I'll show you how to buy, sell or convert your Bitcoin so you can do it all by yourself in the future.


I'm not a Financial Advisor, so you should always conduct your own research before making any investment decision.

If you're unsure about the suitability of holding Bitcoin in your investment portfolio, then you should seek independent financial advice. 

About your Bitcoin Expert


I'm Carolyn and founder of Bitcoin for Queens

As I mentioned above, my Bitcoin journey started in 2018 after I had tidied up all my clutter according to the KonMari method.  I sold jewelry together with a few other bits and pieces.  This gave me the money I needed to make my first investment in Bitcoin.

Years of deep diving into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have turned me into a Bitcoin Expert. I spend all of my time educating women about Bitcoin, showing them how to get started with both small and large investments, thereby helping them get over the first hurdles.  All of my fabulous Bitcoin Queens in my One Year programme are now making serious profits because they know what strategies to use.

It's my mission to help women worldwide gain financial independence and freedom. Are you going to be one of them? You won't regret the call, it's a life changer. Jump, just do it!

Carolyn Chadwick Bitcoin Queen


What my customers say about me

Without Carolyn's help I'd have never known where to even start. Thanks to her patience and guidance I finally dared to jump,  chose my Exchange Platform and went through the verification process with ease and then bought my first Satoshis. Happy days.

Pamela  Veldema

Brain Therapist


I had been interested in Bitcoin for a while but had never dared take the plunge because there was so much information out there it scared me. When I got to know Carolyn she immediately gave me the confidence to step in and toghether with her I took the plunge. 

Astrid  Toussaint

Fashion Stylist

I'm in the finance business, however hadn't yet dared to set foot in Bitcoin as another investment opportunity. I have a diverse portfolio and was looking for another option. Carolyn introduced me to Bitcoin and together with her I set up my account and made my first purchase. Happy I jumped and had her to encourage me to do so.

Femke Hogema

Author, Trainer, Speaker - Profit First Professional bv

Totally new to the Bitcoin scene and was extremely grateful to Carolyn's 1-2-1 call. Without this I wouldn't have known where to start or even look. It made the purchasing of my first Satoshis easy as pie with her in the background.

Jennifer  Eringaard

Life Coach 

Get your Quick Start 1-2-1 Call set up now!

Quick Start 1-2-1 Call

  • Help with choosing your Exchange 
  • Help with creating an Account 
  • Help with verifying yourself 
  • Help with making your 1st purchase 

Don't miss this amazing opportunity!

What customers say about

 the Quick Start 1-2-1 Call

Kind, patient and devoted support.

" I had no clue what to do or how to start and thanks to Carolyn's super patience and kind energy I managed to follow all of her steps and felt her support all the way up to the moment of buying my first Satoshis."

Saskia Paërl

(Actress, Singer)


The light in the dark jungle.

" To me the crypto world seemed like unknown territory to me. Totally dark and mysterious. I would never have dared to jump if it hadn't been for Carolyn shining her ligth on it all and making it easy for me to get started." Without her I would never have begun this adventure.

Janine de Widt

( Vocal Coach)


No longer scary, but easy peasy.

" Never ever would I have started investing in Bitcoin if it hadn't been for Carolyn's devoted attention to get me go beyond the feeling of it all being to scary. She gives you so much trust and explains everyting in such an easy way that now I buy and sell easy peasy without any fear."

Monique Bleeck

(Owner Physio Practise)



I'm not a Financial Advisor, so you should always conduct your own research before making any investment decision.

If you're unsure about the suitability of holding Bitcoin in your investment portfolio, then you should seek independent financial advice. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book the call?

You will receive an email that you have successfully purchased and booked a private call with Carolyn. In the email you will find a form that needs to be filled out and sent back so you are well prepared for the call. The better you are prepared the quicker we sign you up. In the email you will find the zoom link for the call. 

How do I pay?

As soon as you have selected a date and a time you automatically go to the payment page and fill out your details there.

Will I get set up in 45 minutes?

Yes, If you've prepared yourself well by following the instructions in the form sent to you after your payment was completed, then we can get you signed up and purchasing within that time. 

Can I book more 1-2-1 Calls?

Yes, you can book as many calls as you want.

What if I have more questions for you and we run out of time?

If we run out of time you can send me an email with two questions and I will get back to you. Be specific and clear with the questions.

How can I contact you?

You can best contact me at carolyn@bitcoinforqueens.com