Wow, have you seen my new Bitcoin for Queens abundance

Card deck yet?

Super proud to present to you my very first Bitcoin for Queens Card deck. She's been made with a ton of love by me and several other women from the designer, card deck coach and women who I asked to test out the cards. 

The cards are full of symbolism from nature and the universe and each card has a special message for you to work with.

Inside you will find a QR code so you get access to a free journal, playlist and meditations.

Card deck Bitcoin for Queens

Simple and easy.

Short Intro Video on how to use the Card deck

In this short video I show you how to use the cards so they benefit you most.

Main Benefits

The cards are infused with everything connected to the feminine energy. She has always been with us but has lost her power since the take-over of the abusive partiarchal system we now all live under.

Time is absolutely ready for us as the feminine collective to bring about huge change that will start as a ripple, become the wave and eventually create a tsunami which will be unstoppable.

It's all done in a peacefull manner. But it's time to claim back what the old patriarch pushed aside and dishounred. (Girls and women in Afghanistan and Iran) and other pockets of global society. 

It's our time and the powerful Bitcoin for Queens Card Deck is here to support and guide you so you reap all the benefits of flowing into the new Matriarch 1.0

Claiming back the feminine 

It's our time now. The new movement is gaining momentum and the card deck will make you feel supported in your journey to claiming back what is your birthright, prosperity and wealth the feminine way.

Dare to become free

Freedom does not come without certain sacrifices and change. You have to be willing to take action in order to bring about change. The cards will encourage you to dare to become free again. It's safe to do so because you are protected by the female collective.

Experience  healing of systems

The card deck is here to show you ways out of your limiting beliefs and open up ways into a new world where the feminine is honoured again. How it was always meant to be. Your system will begin to heal and with that your own family systems too.

Show gratitude for what the old system has built beneath you. Now the time has come to heal our deep wounds and reclaim our throne peacefully again and be honoured for the fact we are women who should stand equaly besides men.

Empowered to take action

The cards will empower you to take action daily/weekly and monthly. They will provide you with a safe space to listen to your heart and intuition and follow those guidelines only. The stronger you become the more action you dare to take outside the box. That is where the magic and transformation lie. Growth is imminent. You transforming will give other women the strenght to do it too.

They say

Powerful cards that awaken the senses in all aspects. 

I love that each card has symbols of the universe and nature embedded in them. 

Super feminine energy and yes let's claim back that wealth again.

Marijke- Coach and Core Energetics Therapist

In love with this amazing card deck. They touch me to the core and help me set intentions so I can keep growing and lead the way for other women to follow in their healing. 

I use them also in my practise to help other women.

Jen  - Life Coach for Relationships and Loss

I'm quite a spiritual person and these cards help me connect to something bigger out there. I receive answers and just love the colours, the Queens/Goddesses and all the symbolism in the cards.

Astrid -  Owner of Astou Fashion

A great support for you to stay focused on your journey to becoming the Chief Freedom Officer (CFO) of your family system.

So what are you waiting for? Join thousands of other women on this mission to once and for all become financially independent and free and claim back what is our birthright.

Purchase your amazingly beautiful feminine abundance card deck now and scan the QR code inside to get hold of your very own free card deck Journal. Inside I share some secrets about how to effortlessly start building wealth for you and your family.