My Bitcoin Story

How it all started. Why I jumped in 2018 and why I've never ever regretted that MOST AMAZING moment in my life.

If I can do it, so can you. I'm just like you, a woman with a strong desire to become financiallly independent and free.

Bitcoin for Queens

My story... And how my Bitcoin journey started


I'm Carolyn 

Bitcoin for Queens was born in 2021 because so many women are touched by my story and want someone they can trust to help them get into Bitcoin too.

Educating yourself is key to understanding what Bitcoin is as is how to become financially literate too. 

My story begins when I was at my wits end and living out of boxes moving from home to home after my divorce. I was left without a pension and no house. I had to dig deep and was totally freaked out. Shit happens!

I had so much clutter lying around that I didn't even bother emptying boxes. Procrastinating big time. I just couldn't face sorting it all out. Recognise this? Yeah. 

Anyway, long story short, I bumped into Mari Kondo's method of tidying (she's the lovely tidying guru from Japan) and I began using her method of decluttering and tidied ALL of my stuff. 

Carolyn Chadwick

It was miserable 

Getting divorced is awful and if you can avoid it please do! I had been naive and ended up with not a penny to my name. No Pension and no house. Devastating and soul destroying. I had to dig deep and felt sick at the thought of how to start again. I had brought up my kids and sacrificed my career as my ex was bringing in the big bucks. Or so I thought. Could it get any worse.... well it was hard to get back into the workforce as most women my age 50+ were considered too old and not experienced enough. Even my 11 years working for KLM as a cabin manager didn't open doors to get back in. You have to go through the full selection process and I didn't even get through the first part. What to do?

Luckily I saw my investment grow

The minute I invested in Bitcoin I saw my money grow. It wasn't instant but over time within the 1st year I saw it grow. I kept adding and accumulating with money I could afford to miss for a long time. I was prepared to do the work and watch the markets. It became my secret obsession on the side. My side hustle. It was beginning to compound and knowing that made me super happy and for the first time I could feel I was going in the right direction again. The fear of owning nothing began to disappear.

The worst that could happen was

The worst that could happen was that I lost all of my initial investment. I was prepared to do that. I seriously had nothing to lose anyway. I was either going to eat away at the money I had made by selling my not JOYFULL stuff on the internet or let it run with Bitcoin and sail through the storms and become more and more educated. The second enriched my life! I had chosen for myself and that intuitive feeling was beginning to pay off.

My mess became my message

I walk my talk and have become a role model for many women who also seek financial independence and freedom. Who also believe in a better world and see the old banking system crumbling beneath their feet. I teach women how to become financially literate and how to take control of their money and build wealth by saving in a sensible and safe way for their own future.

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